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Once Upon a Reality

Children’s life experiences are only yet beginning, therefore they still lack emotional control and practice to deal with issues they are newly being presented with. Books can bring an understanding of the world and answer questions that frequently hovers a child’s mind and curiosity.

In a most practical way, stories can strengthen bonds between the child and their relatives; help learning about sharing; and build degrees of patience and compassion. Reading can provide a good combination of instruction and entertainment, individual formation and self-knowledge whilst developing critical thinking from a range of perspective.

In a deeper way, books can become a mechanism for the infant’s psychic thinking corresponding to their experience by reaching where the speech still can’t and helping him or her develop abilities to endure and overcome internal and existential issues that they might suffer in silence such as guilt and ambiguity. In the same aspect, youngsters can see books as escape windows to a peaceful world where they can relate, and somehow be heard, without being preached to or judged.

Children live vicariously through the story's characters and identify with the struggles as well as the success in their quests. A Fairy Tale for instance, can introduce an optimistic view of life, acknowledging it's difficulties and giving substance of solution and conquer. In other words, "if things are not well now it means they will be soon, it’s just a matter of trying". This subliminal message offers a defiance and encouragement of attempt. Children intuitively realise that, despite their unrealistic events, these stories are not untrue and their erudition can be helpful in reality. For that matter, the level of reliance upon that wisdom is enhanced along the imagination, giving the young reader a practical and joyful apparatus.

In overall, books can be useful instruction tools for a child’s comprehension of life either in an obvious and direct manner or below the threshold of sensation or consciousness. At any age, the habit of reading books is a nourishing tool for upbringing.

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