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  Tita Berredo is a children's writer and illustrator born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a Master's degree in Children's Literature and Illustration from Goldsmiths University of London. Tita is the Illustration Feature Editor of Words&Pictures, SCBWI's online magazine, and a picture book reviewer for My Book Corner. She lives in Scotland, where she supports local children's writers by coordinating the Glasgow SCBWI hub, the AOI's Illo_G group, and the Scottish CWIG as a committee member of the SOA.

A bit from Tita:

My favourite media are liquid watercolour, colour pencils, and Chinese/India ink. I absolutely love Japanese brushes.

I keep changing my mind about favourite children's writers and illustrators. But I think that Jean de Brunhoff, Maurice Sendak, William Steig will always be there.

My childhood was especially great because of my adventures shared with my younger brother.

I love Alien, Jurassic Park, and Monsters University. I also know the lines of most Disney classics (some of them in Portuguese).

When I travel I always buy a picture book from the place I am visiting.

My money usually goes to books, chocolate, and art supplies. Not always in that order.

I live in Glasgow with my husband and my cat Juca. I consider myself a cat/dog/dino person.

Still trying to connect with my inner adult.

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