"I am in constant talk with my inner child and because of that I discovered that I can express almost anything visually, and that I can use my art as a way of  storytelling.

' I believe that the combination of the artist’s touch with the nature of the media that he/she chooses to use is an essential part of the work. Because of that, I shift between a double faced style. One is loose and rough, made with different brushes and splatters of ink, in which my hand dances with the unpredictabilities of the media — the mark-making of a dip pen, a drying out brush mark, the ink mixing with a wet spot. However, when I work with fine liners, precision is essential. In this other face of my artwork what reigns is the actual character and the story that surrounds it in the illustration. The additional colour is made precise, with the flatness of acrylic paint which leaves no space for mistake, and the pen is completely tamed.

'As you can see, I’m a big fan of minimalism — the neat but also the messed. To me, the black and white make the perfect duet to support a bright single colour that takes the stage and leads the play under the spotlight. That being said, whichever side of my style might be, I like to describe it as a child who explores and this way ends up being naively clever."                                          Tita Berredo

        Tita Berredo is a children's writer and illustrator born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has a Master's degree in Children's Literature and Illustration from Goldsmiths University of London, and is represented by Fairbank Literary Representation. Tita works as a freelance illustrator in Glasgow and she leads her own workshops across the country.

       Tita creatively uses black and white as a duet to support a leading colour that takes the stage and play. With simple lines and sophisticated mark-making, Tita creates elegant illustrations with a touch of humour. She particularly loves drawing mice, fun characters in bathing suits, and herself as a child in her favourite dress and short haircut.

Photographs:  Top - Me now;  Below - me at 5.